Our skilled dentist uses cone beam imaging to examine your mouth and plan your treatments. Cone beam devices use 3D imaging technology to capture a comprehensive view of your entire orofacial region, including your teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears and throat. This allows Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt to understand your oral health needs and plan more effective treatments. Contact Victorville Family Dentistry at 760-245-7800 to schedule your appointment and learn more about cone beam imaging in Victorville, California.

Cone beam imaging is quick and comfortable and provides high-quality images that allow our dentist and orthodontist to ensure that your treatments are tailored to your exact needs. Some of the things that cone beam imaging is used for include:

  • Planning dental implant placement surgery
  • Evaluating the face and jaws
  • Viewing the neck and head comprehensively
  • Diagnosing tooth decay
  • Diagnosing endodontic problems
  • Planning and performing root canal treatments
  • Analyzing dental and facial trauma and planning restorative treatments
  • Evaluating the need for and planning orthodontic treatment
  • Viewing abnormal teeth
  • Evaluating the jaws and bite for TMJ disorders

We invite you to call our office for more information about CT cone beam imaging and schedule your consultation with our dentist. We are committed to your oral health and smile.

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