When you visit Victorville Family Dentistry, our dentist may use a panoramic X-ray machine to examine your entire jaw and visualize your teeth and supporting structures. Panoramic X-rays are non-invasive, quick and comfortable, and they can provide clear images for Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt to use in making diagnoses and planning your treatments. Contact us today at 760-245-7800 to learn more about panoramic X-rays in Victorville, California, and schedule your appointment at our office.

Panoramic X-rays allow us to examine your upper and lower dental arches. This complete view allows Dr. Bhatt to:

  • Diagnose any need for orthodontic treatment
  • Evaluate treatment progress, including for orthodontic treatment
  • Diagnose impacted teeth
  • Diagnose and evaluate TMJ disorders
  • Diagnose periodontal disease
  • Diagnose oral cancers
  • Diagnose tooth decay
  • Diagnose the extent of dental and facial trauma
  • Diagnose cysts, tumors and abscesses
  • Plan oral surgery, including dental implant placement

When we take an X-ray using panoramic imaging, we will have you stand in place. A mechanical arm will rotate around your head to capture the images and instantly transmit them to a nearby monitor where they can be easily viewed.

For more information about panoramic X-rays and to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist or orthodontist, contact our office today.

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