Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt provides dental cleanings and exams to help keep your smile and mouth healthy. Cleanings and exams are two of the most basic yet critical treatments provided at Victorville Family Dentistry. We are committed to keeping your mouth and smile healthy for a lifetime. Call us today at 760-245-7800 to make your appointment with our dentist and learn more about dental cleanings and exams in Victorville, California.

We recommend that you visit Victorville Family Dentistry every six months for a cleaning and exam. These dental checkups will include:

  • A thorough cleaning of your teeth
  • An exam to check for dental problems, including cavities and gum disease
  • A flossing and polishing of your teeth
  • An oral cancer screening

Dental X-rays will also be taken as needed to examine your teeth and supporting structures and check for any problems that are not visible to the eye.

We strongly recommend that you make and keep all these regular appointments. Regular dental cleanings and exams help our dentist monitor your oral health so that any problems can be treated as quickly as possible and serious damage to your smile and oral health can be prevented.

Please also contact us as soon as possible if you are experiencing a dental emergency. We provide emergency dental care to get your smile back on track as quickly as possible.

Give us a call today if you have any questions or to make an appointment with our experienced dentist.

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