Our skilled orthodontist provides treatments to straighten your teeth and enhance your smile. Orthodontics is a field of dental specialty that works to correct misaligned teeth and bad bites. We invite you to call Victorville Family Dentistry at 760-245-7800 to learn more about orthodontics in Victorville, California, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Matthew Moadel.

Free Orthodontic Consultations
18-month treatment starting at $2,390
24-month treatment starting at $2,790

Common problems treated by orthodontics include:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Teeth with gaps and spaces between them
  • Overcrowded or crooked teeth
  • Bad bites (overbites, underbites, open bites and crossbites)

Orthodontics is beneficial to both your oral health and your smile. Straight and properly aligned teeth are more aesthetically appealing as well as easier to keep clean. When your teeth are straight, you can brush and floss more easily and more effectively, which minimizes your risk of developing tooth decay, periodontal disease or other dental problems. Straight teeth also make it easier for you to perform regular functions such as chewing, eating and speaking.

Orthodontic treatments offered at Victorville Family Dentistry include:

During your initial consultation, Dr. Moadel will examine your teeth, jaws and mouth and discuss your smile goals and treatment options with you so that we can find the treatment that will be most beneficial for you and develop a customized treatment plan.

Call our office today to schedule your consultation with our orthodontist and learn more about our orthodontic treatments.

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