If you have a cracked tooth, you may be at risk for developing serious dental problems and even losing the tooth. Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt provides treatment for cracked teeth in Victorville, California, to restore your teeth and help you regain a healthy smile. We invite you to call Victorville Family Dentistry at 760-245-7800 to schedule an appointment with our skilled dentist and learn more about cracked teeth treatment.

There are several types of cracks that may affect your smile and oral health. These cracks include:

  • Craze lines — these are small cracks that only affect the appearance of the tooth. Treatments for craze lines are cosmetic, as the crack itself does not require treatment.
  • Fractured cusps — cracks that occur when the cusps of the teeth are weakened and break off. Dental crowns are the recommended treatment for fractured cusps.
  • Cracked teeth — this is a type of crack that extends from the chewing surface to the root. Cracked teeth usually require a root canal.
  • Split teeth — this is a crack that develops when cracked teeth are untreated, causing the tooth to split into segments. The tooth will either need a root canal or extraction.
  • Vertical root fractures — cracks that begin at the tooth roots and extend to the chewing surfaces. Teeth with this type of crack will probably need to be extracted.

When you visit Victorville Family Dentistry, we will work with you to diagnose which type of crack you have and what treatment will be most effective. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Bhatt and find out more about cracked teeth treatments, contact our office today.

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